Message from the Founder

“Connecting People thru Good Food and a Beautiful Place”

When we opened our restaurant, we had a specific purpose and mission in mind. After all, there are numerous restaurants in the metropolitan Washington area and it only made sense to open another one if there is a void to be filled. Although people decide to dine out for many reasons, we are convinced that the majority are not only looking for a place to eat but also to relax and connect with other people.

We can all remember our first date, or our first important business lunch.  We did not just go to any restaurant and hope that all went well.  Instead, we carefully picked a restaurant that helped us make a good first impression.   We wanted to focus on our conversation knowing the restaurant we picked will take care of the rest. Merkamo aspires to be that restaurant.

Merkamo Ethiopian Bistro is conceived with a conviction to give our customers a delightful experience.  From our welcoming staff to our house decor; from our delicious food to our dining ambience, we are determined to provide you with a unique dining experience you will not soon forget!!!  Whether you are on your first date or meeting a business associate for lunch, we promise to take care of the important details of a fine dining experience so you can focus on the mission.

Our motto is “Connecting People thru Good Food and a Beautiful Place” and we take that to heart.  Our restaurant has already become a place where friends celebrate important occasions, organize business meetings, connect with friends for a Happy Hour, and much more.  “See You at Merkamo” is a phrase that delights us and signifies a pleasant experience to the person making the “Rendezvous”. We want to hear from you on how we can enhance your dinning experience.  Please call us at (703) 639-0144 or visit us online at and click on the link that says contact us.  We will see you soon and it is our pleasure to serve you beautifully.
Alex Habte Chere, MBA
President & Founder, Merkamo LLC